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Dr. Sarojini Agarwal Charitable Trust

Dr. Sarojini Agarwal Charitable Trust is the backbone of Aseem Nari Shakti. Their efforts, vision and donation has helped the organization realize its mission.

Dr. Sarojini Agarwal has a long history of organizing and participating in welfare services for the deprived class and Dr. Sarojini as an educationist and an activist has etched a place for herself.


Aseem Nari Shakti connects with communities and helps bring awareness and education to women.

Our team of experts provides our participants with both, the courage and the confidence to deal with gender inequality issues heads on. Our carefully designed course structure gives them the required training and aims at making them self- reliant both economically and psychologically.

Our success comes in chronicles where we see and listen to stories of bringing about positive changes and developments in the lives of the deserved.

It comes when we see, women gain this new found confidence and the required skills to make happen a revolution which brings new and better opportunities for earning a living, standing up for their rights, having a better quality of living and a chance to realize their dreams.

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Self Defence
This course aims at providing girls with the confidence and the tips and tricks of protecting themselves against all potential dangers.

Education For Abandoned Girl Child
This program is specially designed for abandoned girl children, providing them with the education and the opportunities for a brighter future.

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To pursue dreams and to give wings to the broken, our programs aim at guiding, training and bringing about an
awareness regarding the critical issues.

Education For Abandoned
Girl Children

Mending the broken wings


To promote self reliance


Creating better opportunities

Resistance to
Sex Determination

Creating gender contemporaries

" There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing. "

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